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Christian Drexler

Christian is a linguist, brand developer and verbal identity specialist based in Cologne, Germany. Creating identities and stories for local and global brands, people and innovations has been his everyday business for 15+ years.

This is what he does with a camera.

Exhibitions & Awards


| Araucaria – Nominee at the 11th Annual Color Awards →

| Future-proof – Nominee at the 11th Annual Color Awards →


| Araucaria at the MAGNUM SWAP SHOP exhibition in London, UK →

| Araucaria at theprintspace in London, UK →

| Tiny Revolution and Ball Pitch at Art on a Postcard in London, UK →

| Concrete Canvas at "The Decisive Moment" exhibition in Minneapolis, USA →

| Enjoy the View II – Finalist at the 4th Go Exposée (Mobile Photography Awards) →

| Fun Inc. – at "Color: Photography Now", Black Box Gallery, Portland, USA → 

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